Escape Rooms - Locked Inn Cayman


Welcome to our charming little inn nestled in the Cayman Islands. We hope you enjoy your stay.
If you're looking for cozy and quiet, look elsewhere. This inn is different than any others you've visited...


The Asylum

While on a tour of an abandoned asylum in the Cayman Islands that has been frozen in time for almost 100 years …

Pirate’s Cellar

While on vacation in Grand Cayman, an old sailor tells you about a legendary rum cellar that was once the secret hideout of an infamous pirate. The old sailor hands you a crumpled napkin with a map on it …

Death Row

Falsely accused, you are on death row. You know that someone has escaped this prison cell in the past and has left clues behind. Just before your walk to the chair…


An incurable and deadly virus is quickly infecting the human population. There is limited supply left of the only known vaccine, which is hidden in a bunker…


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I’m addicted!! My adrenaline is still pumping with enthusiasm and excitement – such a fun challenge to do with coworkers!

-Stacey M.

A visit to Locked Inn Cayman is strongly recommended for first time visitors, Cayman residents and work groups alike.

-A. M.

What a creative and challenging way to spend 45 minutes. Bring a friend or two, put your thinking cap on and see if you can solve the puzzles to escape!

-Sheena S.